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Greetings from Mosquito Squad

Welcome to the Mosquito Squad of Grand Rapids! We are a locally owned and operated business providing professional mosquito and tick control for your home, business, or special event. We can also help with gnats, fleas and other pesky bugs that invade your summer fun.

We are Jack and Robin DenUyl, and have lived in Michigan our entire lives. We know that summer here in Michigan is very short. It has been our experience, with our five children, that mosquito repellents just don’t work. Our kids would still end up with huge mosquito bites, and would scratch until they bled. Well not any more! We want to help your family too!

The estimate is free! Alert the squad up above, and we will give you a call. Or, give us a call and we would be happy to give you an instant quote right over the phone (616) 662-1103. Let us help you. We look forward to giving you and your family back your yard to enjoy all summer long!


Our mission is to be the leader in providing our community with a pest free environment. We will create a safer more enjoyable outdoor living while reducing the health risks of Lyme Disease and West Nile Virus in Michigan.

We will hold ourselves to the highest level of character and ethics placing God, Family and Work as a priority in our business.

We will continue to improve our products while giving our customers the best service and cost possible. We also will support a cause greater than us, “Malaria No More”, to save and enhance lives in Africa.

We have many options to choose from.

Full Season Protection from Spring to Fall

  • Complete – Every 3 weeks plus add-ons (8-10 sprays)
  • Ultimate- Apply every 3 weeks (8-10 sprays)
  • Platinum- Apply every 2 weeks (12-14 sprays)

Partial Season Packages

  • Cottage- Goers- Memorial to Labor Day, Apply every 2 weeks
  • Holiday to Holiday- Memorial to Labor Day, apply every 3 weeks
  • Freedom- 4th of July to Labor Day, apply every 3 weeks
  • Backyard Barbeque- 3 treatments, apply every 3 weeks
  • Events or One Time- Weddings, Open Houses, Company Picnics


  • Gnat and flea treatments
  • Spider and stink bug treatments
  • Pond treatments
  • Tick tubes

You choose the plan that works best for you!

Our Services

Pests don't stand a chance.

Traditional Mosquito Control

Mosquito Squad's most popular mosquito control service, our traditional barrier spray will decrease your yard's mosquito population by 85-90%! Our trained technicians treat key areas of your property, eliminating adult mosquitoes on contact and providing continuous protection, reapplying every 2-3 weeks.

All Natural Mosquito Control

Mosquito Squad's all natural mosquito spray is made up of essential oils, eliminating adult mosquitoes on contact and repelling 70-75% of your property's mosquito population. As opposed to our traditional barrier protection, the all natural treatment must be applied every 14 days.

Intensive Tick Treatment

For the most comprehensive tick control, our technicians utilize a combination of our traditional barrier spray and tick tubes. Our barrier spray will eliminate adult ticks on contact while tick tubes are placed in key areas on your property, twice a season, to eliminate ticks at their nymph stage.

Automatic Misting System

Mosquito Squad's mosquito misting system is installed on your property for continuous control, all season long. The system automatically delivers a 30-second spray 2-4 times a day when mosquitoes are known to be at their most active.

Special Event Spray

From outdoor weddings to backyard barbecues, our special event spray keeps your guests off the menu. Our trained technicians will spray the area before the event, creating an odorless barrier, eliminating mosquitoes.


Satisfied customers: The strongest proof of our performance

We have always had another company doing our mosquito control, but this year we switched to Mosquito Squad of Grand Rapids and we were so impressed with the outstanding service that we had received and the fact that their product seems to work so much better than what we had before that we have already put in the order to be on the schedule for 2013.

Ben S.

Have You Heard About….THE MOSQUITO SQUAD…..Until four weeks ago I hadn’t either. But Dan who owns the Grand Rapids franchise came to me and said he could spray my property and guarantee me I wouldn’t get bit by a mosquito for three weeks. I told Dan I’d believe it when I saw it. If it worked, I would sing his praises from morning till night…. IT WORKS! We had our grand daugther Echo all weekend. All she wanted to do was play in her swimming pool. You normally expect the little ones to get eaten alive…And it works 24-7. Kim was out watering one of her gardens at dusk last night…. NO PROBLEMS! The dogs were playing, and again… No Problems! It is safe for pets, our livestock, and all the birds that visit our feeders. It only kills mosquitos, ticks and fleas…. NO CITTRONELLA, NO DANGEROUS CHEMICAL FOGGING…NO SILLY THINGS YOU HANG ON YOUR BELT THAT DON’T WORK, NO GREASY SMELLY BUG SPRAY ALL OVER AND IN YOUR EYES

Reese R.

We can set outside on our deck without putting bug spray on. We can also sit down by the lake at night and have a bond fire with the kids.

Mark C.

I’ve noticed a huge reduction in the number of mosquitos in my yard, which makes it much more enjoyable to be outside!

Amy G.

So far, no Mosquitos, and the 24 hour notice, and you show when you say you will show

Kirby W.

Customer service is outstanding. The product works as we were told! Enjoying our Mosquito free yard! We live in the woods and our friends and family can not believe how awesome it is! $$ well spent – Thank you

Angie R.

I liked that you guys were willing to come back out and respray a second time!!! You were very easy to work with and the overall product worked great!! No mosquitos!!!!

Alexander M.

The application WORKS!! Very quick in spraying property. The company listens to your needs and follows through.


John W.

Very friendly and professional service people and the product works!!

David T.

I love not having to spray down with bug spray every time we go outside.

Dave and Shelly V.

Keeps the Mosquito’s away. Always on time and do a good job. Nice people every time!

John P.


Mark G.

We do a lot of entertaining by our pool in a very woodsy area and have had no problems with any mosquitoes this year! I like the communication by email letting us know when you are coming and a followup after the service! We would highly recommend the Mosquito Squad to anyone!

Alert the Squad!

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* Tick control not available in MI without a license